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Global youth leaders meet, learn, and build capacity through a 2-week journey through the 8th Youth Leadership Workshop
  • 06/05/22

APCEIU held its 8th Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED online from 18 to 29 April 2022. During the two weeks, 54 youth leaders from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Arab States, Latin America & the Caribbean participated in the Workshop under the theme of ‘Learn for better: Innovative Approaches to GCED’. The Workshop consisted of various case studies, lectures, and presentations from educational experts, youth practitioners, and facilitators from different parts of the world, including Dylan Wray, Hans Schattle, Jose Roberto Guevara, Jennifer Geist and Ana Carolina Cassiano.


During the Workshop, participants participated in an e-learning course on GCED & Youth Advocacy exclusively designed for them, ‘Voices of Youth at GCED Online Campus’ for the first week and participated in small groups for discussion and sharing. The small groups were facilitated by the GCED Youth Network, who have guided the participants on action plan development throughout the workshop period.


Participants from different time zones participated actively and enthusiastically by engaging in meaningful dialogues in the synchronous and asynchronous Workshop sessions despite the difficulties they faced such as time difference and connectivity.

Through the sessions, participants learned about what kind of changes are needed in their own communities, how they can actively engage in GCED responding to the needs of their local communities, and how they can become effective GCED educators/leaders in challenging situations. Participants were given time to reflect on their own experiences using various online tools and shared experiences on fostering GCED in their respective fields. They also learned about the initiatives taken by the alumni, who were willing to share their experiences, including success factors as well as tips for project implementation. 


The session finished with a closing ceremony and a certificate conferment by the director of APCEIU, Dr. LIM Hyun-Mook. Participants who successfully completed the Workshop became eligible to apply for the Mentorship and Grant Competition 2022, where winners receive exclusive mentorship training for three weeks and receive a small grant fund to execute their projects under individual mentorship from July to November 2022.