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110 teachers Gathered Online for the 2022 Second half APTE Pre-programme Training
  • 29/07/22

Pre-programme training of the Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange programme (hereinafter APTE) for teachers from five countries (Korea, Indonesia, Laos, Mongolia, and the Philippines) was held on July 16 and 23 by APCEIU. More than 110 people gathered online, including participating teachers from 26 study groups selected from five countries, officials from the Ministries of Education of each country, and school administrators.




The training was comprised of an APTE introduction, which aims to reaffirm the communal objective of APTE, a Study group introduction, and an ice-breaking session to strengthen the fellowship among participants. Moreover, alumni teachers also joined the training to present their practices to promote comprehension prior to the exchange.

Ms. Wonjin LIM, the ITE team director, presented the APTE programme's fundamental process. During the introduction, participants could grasp the overall procedure for APTE's administrative and practical operation.

Also, the lead teachers of each study group introduced the unique features of their schools and project plans. The ice-breaking activity was followed to enhance the bond of participants.




Furthermore, alumni of online APTE prepared their presentations for the participants. On 16 July, Ms. Yujeong SON from Daegu Shincheon Elementary school (Alumni of 2022 Korea-Malaysia Teacher Exchange Programme) and Mr. Cheolmin BAE from Gyeongju High school (Alumni of 2022 Korea-Thailand Teacher Exchange Programme) shared their experience and know-how of online educational exchange. On 23 July, Ms. Taeyoung KIM from Seoha Elementary school, Ms. Nahyung KIM from Gonjiam High school (Alumni of 2022 Korea-Cambodia Teacher Exchange Programme), and Mr. Edgardo D. Pamugas III from Rizal Elementary School (Alumni of 2021 Korea-Philippines Teacher Exchange Programme) and Ms. Jinnita Pongjakthamachot from Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Chiang Rai (Alumni of 2022 Korea-Thailand Teacher Exchange Programme) presented their thoughts and skills. Participants appreciated the practical guidance and advice from the vivid stories of alumni.




Hosted by the Ministry of Education and organized by APCEIU, 2022 APTE for the second half of 2022 will be started in August for three months. Online APTE is being conducted as a school-to-school exchange, and for the second half, 13 Korean schools are paired with 13 schools from four partner countries.