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APCEIU supports its alumni with the enhanced support system ‘Scale-up Project’
  • 12/08/22

Identifying good local initiatives to further enhance the impact 

APCEIU held the Alumni Forum of Scale-up Project on 15 July 2022 to share the outcomes, impacts and future plans of the Global Citizenship Education (GCED) projects led by alumni of APCEIU’s training programmes. Among applicants, 31 participants were selected as the presenters to share their GCED initiatives implemented in their local communities and plans to upscale the projects.

The Scale-Up project is APCEIU’s new support system to further encourage and support the training alumni as well as to identify good GCED practices in different parts of the world. Through the project, APCEIU alumni share their efforts in promoting the spirit of global citizenship through various educational activities in diverse environments, including classrooms, schools, communities, and youth organizations. The selected outstanding cases are to be identified and awarded the project funds to scale up their projects for enhanced impact of the projects, benefitting wider audiences in their respective communities.  

Starting with the welcoming remarks by Dr. Hyun Mook LIM(Director of APCEIU), the first concurrent session part 1 began. The first concurrent session part 1 consisted of 3 sessions which were; “Capacity-building projects on GCED I, II” and “Research, resource development & teaching GCED in innovative ways”. The audiences were free to choose the session to their interest and leave comments on the Padlet for each session.


Concurrent session part 2 started after the short break, which was divided into 2 different sessions of “Youth for GCED: youth engagement in fostering global citizenship and youth-led advocacy” and “Community-based approaches for GCED: Practicing GCED in informal and non-formal sectors”. 

According to the total score calculated by the votes by audiences, scores by judges and APCEIU, the winners were selected. The awards consist of 1 grand prize, 1 honor award, and 5 awards of excellence. The selected winners are as follows. 

Grand Prize (with 2,000 USD) : Ms. Rebecca Rosario Bercasio (Philippines)

Honor Award (with 1,500 USD): Ms. Violeta Ramirez Guarin (Colombia)

Awards of Excellence: Ms. Elvira Sarsenova(Kazakhstan)

                        Ms. Kristine Joan Barredo (Philippines)

                        Ms. Meri Mamikonyan (Armenia)

                        Ms. Nominmaa Ulziibat(Mongolia)

                        Mr. Choeten Thinley (Bhutan) 


Ms. Rebecca Rosario Bercasio (Philippines), the 2021 APCEIU Alumni and the grand prize winner of the Alumni Forum quoted words from Mother Teresa; “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”, expressing her will to scale up the project and spread the GCED values. With the support of APCEIU, she will implement workshops on the development of contextualized GCED instructional resources, which are the participants’ outputs in the three batches of the training, and validate and publish them for distribution to different schools in the region, especially the remote ones.


The winner of the Honor Award, Ms. Violeta Ramirez Guarin said “With the aim of contributing to the complex task of building a more peaceful country after more than 60 years of armed conflict in Colombia, we created Paz para Mambrú ( ), a platform for the design and production of playful and pedagogical tools aimed at forming attitudes, values and skills focused on peace in early childhood. As the leader of this project, I feel honored by the trust that has been placed in this initiative and I am motivated to continue building paths for reconciliation and peace”



“it is my honor to continue to make a positive impact on my community with the support of APCEIU.”, NOMINMAA Ulziibat, The winner of award of excellence and the project leader of Check Check Project for raising awareness of GCED & MIL for Mongolian youth said. She will scale-up and enhance the impact of the project by solving problems that were aroused while implementing the previous project.


Dr. Toh Swee-Hin(Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Canada), who has participated as a judge, commented that this Scale Up Project will certainly provide motivation and support for enhancing the sustainability and expanding the impact of the initial projects in various local, national, regional and global contexts.